%100 React Native Mobile & Web App at Turkish Bank

  • Time Efficiency: It takes less for the time-to-market compared to the native code projects. We can summarize it by saying “very fast”.
  • Performance: Thanks to communicating with operating system via its APIs, it does not have a serious problem that the user can feel in terms of performance.
  • Growing Community: The React Native Community is growing very quickly. In this way, developments are adapted, problems are solved quickly.
  • Ready-made Components: There are a wide variety of component libraries that will not need to be developed from scratch.
  • Reliable & Stable: It offers problem-free, stable use thanks to its support by very large technology companies.
  • Ability to target multiple OS with less native code: Code sharing is one of the most important thing for software development teams. It provides reusability.
  • Better than hybrid experience: It’s a real app. Even comparing is not very correct. :)
  • JS as a programming language: It is very difficult to create teams that will write native code. However, when it turns to JavaScript, the options increase considerably. The adaptation process is fast for the software developers.



  • React Native for iOS and Android, React Native Web for Responsive Web Application. React Native is an exciting framework that enables web developers to create robust mobile applications using their existing JavaScript knowledge. It offers faster mobile development, and more efficient code sharing across iOS, Android, and the Web, without sacrificing the end user’s experience or application quality.
  • TypeScript was used because it is a banking project. Thanks to functionalities that TypeScript comes with, it’s easier and more intuitive for a software developer to write a program. One of the main conveniences is that you know not only the name of the variable, but also what kind of data it stores. You can focus more on big stuff like logic in the application, and care less about small details.
  • ESLint as a code standart, ESLint as linter. No need to explain. We don’t have any other alternative.
  • Gerrit for source code management. Code review was very important on our behalf, as it was a framework that the whole team would learn from scratch. That’s why we wanted code review to be on every commit, not on every pull request. In these conditions, we used Gerrit developed by Google instead of alternatives such as GitLab, TFS, which we had before. Instead of pushing the commit you created in the local to remote, you send it to Gerrit. If it gets confirmation in the review, the code goes to the remote branch.
  • Redux for state management, #ReduxForm for form screens. Quite obvious.
  • Axios to call APIs
  • Zeplin for designer & developer communication





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Efecan Tekin

Efecan Tekin


Software consultant working on Digital Transformation, Mobile Banking, Fintech Applications, Internet Banking. Mobile & Web Development Engineering Lead.